RM88.00 - RM98.00
[81] Universal Titanium Bar Type Z & ZZ Style 100cm / 80cm With Adjustable Adapter Bracket Racing style & Thailand Style fit for all cars
Price RM88.00 - RM98.00
Size (L x W x H) 99 cm x 1.31 cm x 1.31 cm
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- Zinc plated to give excellent resistance to corrosion.

- Ideal for use as gear linkages, anti roll bar drop links, 4 link kits, ladder bars, steering arms, castor arms, compression struts, watts linkages etc.

- Save time by using these in place of dilling and tapping out solid steel.

- CNC precision machined.

- Flat spanner size central section for easy adjustment.

- Manufactured to within excellent tolerances.



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